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Tips on Selling my Boat

How do I sell my boat?  How do I sell my yacht?  Regardless of the type, style, or model of boat, yacht, or other watercraft that you own, when it comes time to sell my boat or sell my yacht, this is the website best suited to reach your buyers.    This website is designed to be both easy and economical for use by a wide range of boat owners that want help selling a boat and, as well, boat buyers that want help buying a boat.

When that inner voice says it’s time to sell my boat - perhaps trade up to a newer model – you’ll want to sell the old boat for the best price possible.  Whether you’re selling my boat directly to a buyer on or trading in my boat to a retail boat dealer for that new model, you’ll want the top dollar value for your boat.  Here are some tips to help you show the true value of your boat, and help you to sell my boat quickly.

Clean the boat thoroughly, inside and out.  Don’t cut corners here.  Make it sparkle and shine.  Buyers form their opinion of your boat in a matter of minutes if not seconds. 

Replace any damaged, torn, worn-out or faded fabrics in the boat.  Fabrics that are still serviceable should be removed, cleaned and dried, and carefully reinstalled.  Don’t forget the carpets – clean, repair, or replace as needed..

Make sure that the galley and head are sparkling clean and free of all foul odors.  Clean out the refrigerator.  Pump out the holding tank if your boat has one.

Remove excess and unnecessary personal items from the boat.  The rule of thumb is if it isn’t attached – remove it.  Cleaning the boat will be easier too and the buyer can better see what your boat has to offer.

Change the engine oil and perform any needed engine maintenance.  Clean any excess oil and grime off the surface of the engine itself.

Make all of those little accumulated repairs that you’ve been putting off and replace all missing or broken items on the boat.  This includes all instrumentation and lighting, latches, all equipment in the galley and all items including leaks in the head.

Take some good quality photos of your boat.  Create a handout for your buyers including photos showing your boat in action, a detailed description of your boat’s specifications, and a history of ownership of your boat.  Don’t hesitate to include family photos showing all of those past good times on your boat.  Hint:  stop by a boat dealer or pick up a full color boating magazine and look at their professional ads and photos advertising new boats for sale.  You’re bound to pick up a marketing tip or two.

Do you really want to sell my boat or sell my yacht?  Then price the boat fairly and reasonably.  Overpriced boats don’t sell.  But make sure that you’re happy with the terms of the sale too.  Go to the website and check to see what other sellers in your area are asking for similar boats.  Buyers will be carefully checking prices too.  Marine blue books are also a good source of boat and yacht pricing information.

Take the time and the effort to do all of these things before your prospective buyers see your boat for the first time.  You’ll not only increase your chances of getting top dollar for your boat, but you’ll sell my boat or sell my yacht more quickly.

Those are the basics of successful marketing and sales.  Good Luck!