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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Am I required to be a member to search posted ads?

NO!  Anybody can search listings at anytime without becoming a member.  If you are not posting an ad, you may still become a member and create a favorites list of items on the site.

2.  What does it cost to post an ad?

Membership and posting an ad is always FREE! 

3.  Who can post an Ad?

Anybody may post a listing.

  • Boats for sale by owner
  • Boats for sale by broker
  • Boat and yacht dealerships
  • Boat, yacht, and marine manufacturers
  • Individual and private charters
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Fishing charters
  • Marinas slips and dockage for sale or rent
  • Marine parts and services
  • Captain and crew positions (for hire or in need of)
  • Recreational boating gear and equipment (water skis, tubes, etc.)
  • If it has to do with the water, you may post it.

4.  Can I post photos on my listing?


5.  Do I pay a commission or referral fee?

Absolutely NOT!  No commission or extra fees are charged by

6.  Can I add a link to my website or drive traffic to my existing website?

Yes. is here to help you be more profitable and to help you sell or rent your listing.  Your goal is what matters most to our company.

7.  Does the staff at boat beyond rent or sell boats?

No. provides classified ad space for individual owner, brokers, manufactures, charter companies, and anybody else in the boating world.

How to sell a boat

Need some tips on how to help sell a boat?  Help selling my boat starts with a good thorough cleaning.  This means exterior and interior.  Boat buyers form their opinions quickly, often in sixty seconds or less.  Get the boat out of water, if possible, and clean and wax the hull.  Then move to the deck, windows, and the interior surfaces including floors.  Frankly, the best tip that I can give you on how to sell a boat is to clean, clean, and clean.

Replace any worn fabric items such as window curtains, carpet, or upholstered chairs and benches.  If they’re still serviceable and not faded, a good cleaning may do the trick.  Give all hard wood surfaces a cleaning, then oil or wax. 

If the boat has a galley or a head, give it a very thorough cleaning, and make it sparkle.  Notice any odors?  Use a neutral fragrance enhancer available at the local supermarket.  Pump out the holding tank and add chemicals to eliminate any holding tank odors.

Cleaning your boat - and showing your boat to your prospective boat buyers - will be much easier if you first remove all of your personal items that you’ve stowed away over the years.  Get rid of the clutter.  Those old magazines, worn deck shoes, and extra fold up chairs need to go.  

Is the engine properly maintained and is the engine oil changed?  If not, have a reputable mechanic look at the engine and perform any recommended or needed maintenance.  You should have paid receipts ready to show your buyers.   Are there repairs that you’ve let slip by ... maybe faulty instrumentation, leaks in the galley or head, burned out lights, or broken latches?  Get all repairs completed before you place the boat on the market.

Next time you’re at the boat dealer or a boat show, pick up some brochures and look at how the professional photographers stage the new boats and new yachts for sale.  You should be able to pick up a tip or two on how to sell my boat.  Have some high quality, well staged photos of your boat available along with a written history and detailed description of your boat.  You’ll need this information for both a face-to-face buyer and for your ad on the website.

The second best tip that I can give you on how to sell a boat is to be reasonable when you price your boat.  An over priced boat simply won’t sell.  Check a marine blue book to determine a fair price range for your boat.  There are three generally accepted blue books or price guides for used boats in the United States:  the BUC Used Price Guide, the NADA Marine Appraisal Guide, and the ABOS Marine Blue Book. Each uses a different method of calculating values. Check with your marine insurance agent for copies.  Boat dealers also have these resources and use them to determine trade in value for your boat.  Go to the website and check to see what other sellers are asking for similar boats.  Buyers will be checking prices too.

So, you’ve got the basics now on how to sell a boat.  Good luck!